Monster in the Mirror

Szépirodalom / Megtörve (128 katt) TwinOfOne

-Did you see the monster behind your eyes while you looking into the mirror?-

I am sane./schizophrenia\
I am fine./depression\
I am happy./anxiety\
I am normal./DiD\

-Did you hear me? I am alone. Hear my voice please.-

I am insane./21\
I am sick./21\
I am sad./21\
I am freak./21\

-You will never see me again. You will be cursed and you will be alone forever.-

I am a dream./Sleeping Paralysis\
I am a nightmare./Disorder\
I am a monster./21\
I am a god./Complex\
I am nothing./Never coming back here\

-I am- Am I- here?-

I am not feeling./21\
I am not breathing./21\
I am not living./21\
I am not exists./21\

-Kill... me... Please...-

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